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MetaArte is a non-profit organisation based in Padova, Italy. Since 2003 it is registered as Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Association for Social Promotion). It promotes artistic, cultural and cross-cultural projects. Its main field of action is into theatre and music, using Social and Community theatre as a mean to explore issues in the local community and as an efficient way to empower communities. It is both a work on personal and social level, it enhances the possibilities and strength socially disadvantaged groups have. Furthermore it helps in erasing barriers and prejudices.

Our aim is for artists from diverse backgrounds to interact, and thus encourage an interchange of cultural values. The exploration of drama and music are our foremost fields of interest, however, we embrace all forms of artistic expression. We produce performances, organize art festivals, host seminars and direct workshops for art professionals, supporting a professional theatre group called Auló teatro. We promote creative projects in schools. We also work with socially disadvantaged groups, such as immigrants, oppressed women and the disabled.


To have a look at our theatrical productions, visit the website of Auló Teatro.


Contact us:

phone: +39 3204930259